Go incognito to track your progress…
So while you are updating your SEO, you are probably visiting your own site a LOT to check on your links, formatting, etc… The problem is Google is very “helpful” and sees that you are visiting this site a lot – so when you check on your keyword/search term to see where you are showing up, Google says “Hey!  You really like this site – here you go!” and might show your site higher in your personal search result than it may show up for others.
The fix?  Go incognito.  In Chrome, go to “File” then select “New Incognito Window” (I also have a tutorial here so you can see how to do this on your phone too).  This opens a browser that is now ignoring your previous browsing and search history – and don’t worry if it starts to auto-populate your website name as you are typing – that is just the autofill.
The results you will see are what someone who hasn’t found you yet will see – this is a much more accurate result than when your own history is taken into account.