Naming images for Search Engine Optimization – Naming images for SEO

Name you images properly on your computer
As a photographer, it’s very embarrassing to admit how many images are on my computer are named 1234.jpg.  Yes they are stored in properly named folders, but having images named this way does nothing to help me find them with a general search or when I upload them to my site.
So as soon as you download images, rename them with your keywords and descriptive terms.  Using this image for reference, for example:
This name serves multiple purposes:
– If your keywords are “Cape May Wedding Photographer” you are covered!
– Need a picture of a bouquet? Specifically a purple one? Found it!
– Got a magazine looking for wedding images featuring a lighthouse? You might be the first to reply because you already named your image properly.
Not only will you succeed with SEO, you just saved yourself time searching for that specific image! look at your smartypants!
(And no, you don’t have to rename EVERY SINGLE image this way, but a few in each folder will help you find what you are looking for more quickly!)