Facebook Groups are a very effective way to reach your audience, but are they a truly viable marketing option?

My opinion is that groups are effective for now, but I wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.  The original intended use for FB Groups was for friends. teams and communities to have a place to connect. When FB shut down the organic reach of business pages (cha-ching, they needed to start paying their investors) business owners started to use Groups to build and reach their intended audience.

My prediction is that at some point FB will start treating Groups just like business pages and start demanding you pay to be able to reach your audience.  I’ve already gotten reminders to “classify” some of the groups I manage – which I think is FB’s way of starting to regulate these Groups and sort out the businesses from the actual communities.

Since there is no way to predict if or when this will happen, I recommend making sure you have a solid plan to capture and grow your email list and focus on your SEO for your website. Relying solely on something like FB or FB Groups can result in some major downtime if the all mighty Zuckerberg decides to shut down the party.

– Laura Eaton, GirlsGuidetoSEO.com