going incognito to track SEO results

Incognito SEO:  Ok, this isn’t about putting on a mask and lurking around (though that kind of sounds fun), but going incognito to track your progress is a great way to see if your SEO efforts are working

Every time you use your browser in regular search mode, it stores history and cookies (not the yummy kind, the tracking kind) – this allows your browser to do cool things like auto populate your entry when you start typing in a site you visit often.  It also tailors your search results to your preferences.  It also uses this info to do things like report info on your daily habits to target marketing and advertising to your personal tastes, but that is a topic for another day….

So if you are working on improving your SEO, you are visiting your own site – a lot.  And Google, or whatever search engine you are using, sees that and tailors its results to perhaps show you higher in a search than you might appear to others.

To go “Incognito” in Chrome, just select “File” then “New Incognito Window” – no go to Google and plug in your keyboard to see where you really rank.  You might notice a big difference…


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