Philadelphia SEO Class


Tuesday, October 25th , 2016 – 11:00am-1pm (with option for additional Q&A until 1:30pm)


Instructor:  Laura Eaton, founder of &

$249 – 2 hours of instruction with additional time for Q&A and individual attention, and includes the following topics:

  • Finding the right keywords and search terms for YOUR individual business
  • Google – Understanding the “rich content” that Google seeks – and what Google avoids…
  • Blogs, Websites and Templates – Which is the best fit for your business
  • Images – Their importance and how to get Google to notice
  • Link Building – Reciprocal links
  • How SEO relates to Social Media – and how to leverage
  • Regional SEO
  • Marketing – How SEO relates to your marketing, and you might even walk out with some fresh marketing ideas to really propel your growth.

You will also get access to our private Facebook group, so you can continue the discussion, stay motivated, get feedback and post questions.  AND, you will receive FREE lifetime access to this site when our monthly membership launches – motivation and support delivered right to your inbox every month.



Why shouldn’t I just outsource my SEO?

There are a million companies and experts out there who you can pay to do your SEO work for you, but do they know and love your business the way you do? I’m all for outsourcing, but when it comes to your website, there is no substitute for your authentic voice.  SEO and marketing go hand in hand – and if you have to create the content for your site anyway, you might as well optimize it right from the start, instead of paying someone to “fix” easily avoided mistakes.

SEO is a valuable skill that, in time, will come naturally and easily to you – the same way you can deliver your “elevator pitch” or talk to a client about your business.  It is simply a matter of learning the formula.  You can read more about this here: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Learn SEO.

I already don’t have enough hours in the day – can I really make a difference with my SEO efforts?

In a word: YES.  I don’t work on my SEO every day, or even every week.  The secret is that you just have to work on it more often than your competition.

What qualifications do you have to teach this?

Over the last 14 years of building my business, I have done everything from building my first website from scratch with HTML coding to handling all of my own marketing, SEO and site management to this day.  I have also consulted and have been hired by other businesses to assist with their growth, optimization and site development. Here is proof of how I have built my SEO to effectively market my headshot photography… If you search “Philadelphia Headshot” or “Philadelphia Headshot Photography” you will find me on the first page of Google (this is exactly where you want to be).

SEO_screen_shot_wedding_professionals_Workshop_wedologieIf you look at the image search results, I dominate those, as shown in this screen shot:SEO for Wedding Professionals Page One on GoogleOut of the approximately 50 results shown on the first page, 14 of the images are mine.  That means I have roughly a 30% share of the results, and my images typically dominate the first line, which is the preview that is shown on the first page of Google (i.e. my images give me more “real estate” on the first page, along with my link to my site). I have accomplished this without paying for AdWords or placement, I do not pay anything to Google.

I learned this over many years, lots of reading, research, trial and error.  With this course you can take this distilled information and put it to use immediately. Another important thing to note – I DO NOT WORK ON MY SEO EVERYDAY – in fact, I don’t work on it even every week…. More about that at the workshop! The material will be presented in a simple, step by step format that anyone can understand.  I am a visual learner, but I know that everyone learns differently, so I will demonstrate the techniques, show you on a computer and give you notes & outlines to ensure you receive the information in a way that works for you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at either [email protected] or you can call me, Laura Eaton, directly at 609.954.0488. Registration is limited to just 6 attendees to ensure everyone gets individual attention, and the rate for future courses will be higher…..

$249 – 2 hours of instruction with additional time for Q&A and individual attention

$49 of the $249 is a non-refundable reservation.  If you cannot attend the day of the event, this fee can be transferred to the next SEO workshop, but future workshops may be at a higher rate.

Workshop will be held on: Tuesday, October 25th, 2016 – 11:00am-1:00pm (optional extra time for Q&A until 1:30pm)

Old City Collective
222B Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

About the instructor:

Laura Eaton teaches on topics including SEO, small business development, head shots, and moreLaura Eaton is a serial entrepreneur.  She spent 13 years as a highly successful photographer, branched off into event production for 5 years and in 2010 founded of a unique co-working space in Old City Philadelphia (still going strong!). To find out more about Laura Eaton and her background, please visit her press page at: