This is a comprehensive list of every tool I have used to build my business (well, everyone that has a link online!).  Some are affiliates (meaning that I get some kind of referral bonus), but I only recommend companies and services that I personally use and love….



FemCity is a women’s networking group with chapters in nearly every major US city and beyond! I am on the board for the FemCity Philadelphia chapter, but I was a proud member long before that.  Founder Violettte de Ayala truly has women’s best interests at heart with this amazing organization… (not an affiliate link).


Ah, WordPress, how I love thee – let me count the ways… Well, it actually doesn’t matter how much I love WordPress, it’s about how much Google does – and it’s a lot! You can read all about why WordPress rocks for SEO here… (not an affiliate link).


PhotoShop Express App

Another photo editing app that I use daily.  In a former life I was a full time wedding photographer and after 14 years of editing hundreds of thousands of images, I am very rarely satisfied by the images I can capture with my phone… This app allows me to edit photos with much more control than most apps – and its FREE.  You can adjust exposure, highlights, shadows, clarity and so much more…. this photographer’s dream come true… (not an affiliate link).

BlueHost - Website Hosting

I have truly tried the majority of web hosting providers out there, and BlueHost’s customer service truly helps them stand out and up from the competition. I have a domain problem (I own A LOT) and I now register all my domains and sites through BlueHost.  This is an affiliate link, but I would never recommend something I didn’t love and use myself.

Pic Collage App

I use Pic Collage nearly every day to create graphics or “fix up” photos for my social media posts to groups and Instagram.  The app is free and offers some more interesting fonts and design options than I have found on other apps (not an affiliate link).


Elegant Themes

I’ve used a ton of different themes over the years, but none have been as versatile or as customizable as Divi theme from Elegant themes. They offer video tutorials on every theme, plugin and feature they offer – and their customer service is top notch.  Whether you build your own site, or build sites for others, Elegant Themes is a great investment.  I went for the lifetime license and I could not be happier…. This IS an affiliate link – and this site is built with Divi!


The Noun Project

The Noun Project has an icon for nearly anything you can think of – truly.  I have used this site for everything from logo creation to website development – or even just to get some inspiration on what symbols to use. The membership is a bargain in terms of what design services normally cost and if you design your own site or create marketing materials, I think you will find this useful too… This IS an affiliate link, but by using this link, you get one free month to try out Noun Project – if you decide to stay on the membership, I get a free month – good deal, right?


Yoast SEO

Yoast provides a very simple and very visual measure of how well you are doing with your SEO efforts.  You can see exactly how each step you’ve have learned her, from backlinks to proper keyword placement, translates to the likelihood of Google raking your site higher than your competition… (not an affiliate link).